The most cited reasons in studies why European enterprises avoid the using the IPR system:
– Lack of Awareness
– Costs (charges and fees)
– Costs (enforcement)
– Long lead times
– (Perceived) practice that large companies are treated preferentially by IP offices

The objective of this project is to transfer an education-concept aimed at learning the skills and knowledge requested to manage IPR in enterprises. The course, specifically designed for preparing persons to assess immaterial assets and to manage IPR in companies, gives an identity to the IPR-management function in enterprises. This function is actually in most cases supplied by people without any specific IPR-knowledge.

It is obvious that above obstacles underlines lack of expertise and information about the general system and can be overcome with developing IP knowledge inside enterprises. One alternative solution to overcome these problems is to design internet based training modules for enterprises. People from any background, who are working for SMEs may benefit from such courses, without bounded by time or money resources.