Work Packages

Work Package 1:Background Study and Situation Analysis on Intellectual Property Training Systems

The aim of the package is to analyze existing intellectual property training programs, curricula and contents, dissemination mediums and project results of the base project DIPS, by comparison with others projects especially projects of National Intellectual–Industrial Property Offices’ and research and development centres of partner countries. Besides European projects and products will be analyzed and intersections and development areas will be underlined.
This work package will verify the needed upgrades and will elaborate the index of contents updated which will be the basis for the Patent4SME.


Work Package 2: Local Content/Case Development

On the basis of results from WP1, local contents and cases will be updated and developed. They will constitute the final Turkish version of the Patent4SME.
While localisation, the existing results of the DIPS project will be translated into Turkish, Greek and Bulgarian. Then additional content (defined in WP1) will be developed in Turkish then translated to English, so that the original English version could be upgraded. In order to acquire quality and effectiveness in the e-learning tool, partners will organise stakeholder meetings and collect opinions and suggestions. It is aimed to design formats fostering a better Sme's personnel understanding on the contents' guide.


Work Package 3: Finalization of the Training Material

Aim to be reached by this work package is to provide completed Patent4SME tool adopted to the linguistic, legislative, financial and business environment conditions of the countries of the consortium. The final tool will serve enterprises in partner countries as well as the individuals who would like to develop their knowledge on intellectual property.
The results of this work package will be the end content of the revised course that will consist of approximately 40 hours teaching that is adaptable for e-learning system. The language of the final product will be Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian and English.


Work Package 4: Web Based Material and E-Learning Structure Development

This workpackage aims to set up a technical infrastructure for the Patent4SME project. It is aimed to provide a comprehensive learning environment, available online and allowing users to access the e-learning modules, participate and share knowledge on intellectual property (IP), protection and enforcement issues.
In the e-learning modules, tools and methodologies will be in consistent to the learning objects defined in WP1, by using the standards defined again in WP1.
By this work package the consortium firstly aims to construct and to provide a permanent website for the transferred e-learning tool in Turkish, Bulgarian, Greek and English.

Work Package 5: Web page and e-learning structure of Patent4SME

Piloting phase of the project aims to get the first impression about the transferred e-learning tool on intellectual property management. It is aimed to assess and validate learning material through test on the field. Assessing the portal usability and functionality will be other targets of the work package.
In order to attain useful feedbacks from end users in the piloting phase, it is aimed to prepare piloting scenario and feedback form (that will also help revision of the Patent4SME)
After analysing the user feedbacks, who took part to the experimentation phase, it is aimed to elaborate conclusion to undertake revisions of the tool.
The main output of this work package is to realise a pilot implementation of the intellectual property training tool in selected individuals and SMEs. The results of the implementation will be taken into consideration while developing, re-editing, revising and improving the product. By this way, the product and the results of the project will be given its final shape.


Work Package 6: Dissemination & Exploitation

Optimal diffusion (on regional, national and European level) of the results of the project to end-users (people working at enterprises, SMEs, managers, students etc) and multiplication actors (professional associations, professional chambers...) will be provided in this work package.
In order to ensure persuasiveness and credibility for the project messages, promotional concept including logo, title, catch phrases and other visual materials will be produced and disseminate in this work package. All the materials will be compatible with the Valorisation and dissemination strategy report (R5) to be prepared in the WP7.