Euro - Training


"EURO-training" is a non profit making and non-governmental organisation, founded in 2004 and located in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Area of Activities:
Promoting and enhancing of democratic and social values, Realisation of training programs and social activities for young people and adults, Professional guidance and consulting of young people and adults, Human resource development, Training of disadvantaged people, disadvantaged women, equal opportunities, Motivation training of people with disabilities, Intercultural learning, vocational training, life-long learning, Social, educational and labour integration of people with disabilities, International projects initiating, development and implementation, Project management.
Euro-Training is core partner of the Patent4SME project. Euro-training will lead "piloting" workpackage of the project, will be responsible of design of the pilot actions and evaluation of the feedbacks from participants. In the piloting workpackage Euro-training will host a partner meeting. At the same time Euro-Training will translate the tool into Bulgarian and play active role in dissemination of the e-learning to Bulgarian enterprises and individuals interested in developing their knowledge on intellectual property. Euro-Training will contribute reporting, quality management, evaluation and piloting actions and results of the Project.