Mersin Tarsus Industrial Region Management (MTOSB)


Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Region Management (MTOSB) was established with the purpose of stable development of underdeveloped areas, to overcome the problems of industrialization and to carry the Turkish Industry to the future by means of encouraging the development of underdeveloped regions without creating regional instabilities and by drawing industrial investments to these regions in a frame of planned development. However, Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone, has created an exemplary industrialization concept by uniting its self-confidence and sources with knowledge, technology and patience and has provided the economical development of the Zone by its strategic approach aiming to unite the local with the national, the national with the universal and by the support of the believing and exemplary entrepreneurs. MTOSB has a vision greater than local development in three main areas:creating innovations, investment and export.

MTOSB will lead dissemination&exploitation workpackage of the project. Besides MTOSB will cooperate in background study,local content development and piloting of intellectual property training tool, that will help managers and technical staff of SME’s. MTOSB will show its best effort to transfer well known intellectual property training materials to Turkey, by providing promotional means that MTOSB will reach, such as radio, TV, newspapers and other media.
MTOSB will also contribute in implementing of evaluation surveys, quality assurance tools and required reporting.