Yenilesim Accociation


The vision of YENILESIM association is to have specialists -on innovation, entrepreneurship and venture capital- come together for making their knowledge available to the parties who requires expertise. The Association have 3 knowledge groups in order to have specialists come together. According to target groups there are 4 account managers . The main duty of the account managers is to organize events and implement projects in order to transfer the knowledge collected in the “Knowledge Groups”.
Yenileşim Association will lead local content development workpackage (WP2). The association will also take part in the dissemination, background analysis, reporting and evaluation activities in the management work package. Since the association is the meeting point for the intellectual poperty experts, it will also have active role in the development of the end content for the transferred e-learning products. With the network of the Association, the promotion and dissemination of the Patent4SME could be done more effectively. Yenileşim Association will also manage evaluation process at the end of management workpackage.